Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update to an Old Post

A past post about tweeting from the command line with the Net::Twitter Perl module is one of my most visited entries. Anytime I check my traffic, it is always the second most visited entry for the day/week/whatever. However, it has a problem. The code does not work anymore for a simple, yet annoying, reason.

Last year, Twitter turned off its basic authentication support and now requires application developers to use OAuth. More detail about how that affected Net::Twitter can be read here. This kinda sucks because it's not longer as simple as providing a username/password combination. You need consumer keys/secrets and access tokens/secrets and that makes things a tad messier.

The original code I posted uses basic authentication and, obviously, will not work anymore. However, if anyone is interested, the code for that small side-project,, is on github and I recently updated it to use OAuth so that it works again, however the configuration file requires you to add your own consumer/access keys/tokens/secrets. Enjoy.

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